About Athena Pictures
Dedicated to Pushing the Limits of the Entertainment Industry, Athena Pictures was founded in 2012 in Dallas by Jennifer Besser.  Jennifer is  multi-talented, having appeared as an actress as a  series regular on the FOX series 'The Good Guys' written by Matt Nix.  This goes along with appearances on TNT's 'Dallas' as well as ABC's 'The Deep End'.  Jennifer has worked as crew in 5 different productions in the DFW area.  This includes 3 as Executive Producer on 'Shattered Reflections', 'The Cinema Zone', and including 'Faith', which she wrote, starred in and directed.  Based on the success of the short, Faith is now being developed for television.​

​The creative process is a balance of passion, vision, strategy, wisdom, and skill. For success, these elements must be forged together, encompassing both artists and business people alike.
​  We feel that by bringing together a team of talented and driven artists and business people, we can translate the complex partnership of art and business into a simple process in which all participants benefit.

Athena Pictures is located in Dallas, Texas.  While Dallas is known for commercials, industrial films and reality TV, Athena Pictures is uniquely positioned to change that.  With our focus on film and television, Athena Pictures will be known as the place to develop, film, and distribute entertainment product in Dallas/Fort Worth.  With Dallas in the middle of the country DFW International Airport is a major asset.  
​Los Angeles and New York are reachable in 3 and a half hours.

Due to the multi platforms, like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Redbox, etc. and with the need for quality product, it has never been a better time to be a writer/producer in the entertainment field.  Rest assured Athena Pictures is uniquely primed to take advantage of the climate.  Our creative team can over see a project, from business plan formation, through project development, production shooting and distribution.  
​We are a mini studio.  

​​That is what Athena Pictures means by pushing the limits for the independent field of entertainment.  We plan to be a part of the
Second Golden Age of Film and Television.

Whether you are a part of the creative equation, an investor or just a fan of films, we invite you to help us Push the Limits by creating various forms of content that are both entertaining and profitable for all parties involved.​​

Thanks for reading and keep Pushing the Limits!
Athena Pictures​
Founder:​ Jennifer Besser
​Find​ out more on Jennifer; actress, writer, producer, and director on her website.

Jennifer Besser​​
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