Athena Pictures
Pushing the limits of the Entertainment Industry
Athena Pictures is a production company that takes the independent productions in the fields of the entertainment industry and pushes it past the standards. We show the world that the unknown can be just as great or better than the known.
'The Darkness Inside'
​This Fantasy/Romance films will set you heart pumping. We are in the process of finding our lead actors. More info. to come soon.
Faith once a short has now been turned into a feature and will be set to film soon. Check out past projects to see short film info.
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'Shadows in the Moonlight'
Major project. It's a two part feature film that is it's own genre. It's got romance, drama, fantasy, and so much more... 
'Believe Not'
Here is our psychological thriller that will make you doubt what you see. Pre-production phase. Check out the page 
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